The best way to solve environmental problems would be for the current generation to accept a simpler way of life

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The best way to solve environmental problems would be for the current generation to accept a simpler way of life for the sake of the next generation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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In the present millennium, the world is highly affected by numerous environmental issues such as global warming and pollution. It is believed by many that this problem could be solved by the current generation if they sacrifice their sophisticated lifestyle for the betterment of the future of mankind. I completely agree with this notion, as limited access to cutting-edge technology and adapting to eco-friendly products would benefit the later generations.

To begin with, curtailing the use of modern gadgets can reduce the concern related to the environment to a greater extent. In other words, contemporary appliances and vehicles such as refrigerators or cars respectively produce hazardous gases such as Freon or carbon monoxide, which when released into the air contribute not only to air pollution but also to global warming and ozone layer depletion. As a result, a reduction in the usage of such equipment and adopting different alternatives would refrain from this sort of contamination immensely.

For example, the Norway government is using huge tax incentives to ensure that every new car sold is a zero-emission vehicle. This can also be seen in the sales of Tesla electric cars which had record-breaking sales in the country in the year 2019.

In addition to the above arguments, getting accustomed to ecological friendly products could also mitigate the problems of the atmosphere vastly. To be precise, products especially plastics and polythene are indeed an extreme threat to the flora and fauna as such non-biodegradable things could destroy the soil and water.

To eliminate such adulteration for the benefit of the upcoming human-beings, usage of decomposable substances should be bought to practice. For instance, the ‘Going Green’ project is developed by the European government to produce organic plastics and other products.