An increasing number of people are buying what they need online.

Band 7 Sample Answer, An increasing number of people are buying

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An increasing number of people are buying what they need online.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for both individuals and companies to shopping online?

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In this contemporary epoch, people are preferring to shop online than visiting the stores physically. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this shopping trend for an individual as well as the e-commerce company in-depth prior to reaching an informed conclusion.

On the one hand, the online retail business is quite convenient to shop because people can shop anything globally without actually paying a visit to the stores. This saves time as well as reduces traffic congestion as electronic shopping can be done from home. Similarly, this cyber shopping pattern is advantageous to the vendors as well. They do not necessarily have to establish showrooms to attract customers. They are able to promote their sales worldwide using social media and other websites. For instance, ‘Fashion Bug’ is an online clothing store in Kerala that sells its products through the Instagram application and it has around thirty thousand customers currently from different corners of the world. 

On the other hand, the photos of the products do not always portray the actual appearance or the exact color. To illustrate, red may seem like a maroon due to camera editing. In contrast, this selling pattern is also detrimental to many retailers. It is hard for them to identify whether their customer is genuine or not. For instance, recently in India, some frauds bought some laptops through Amazon, removed the valuable parts in them and substituted them with old parts, and returned them to the seller for some appropriate reason. Later, the retailers went into a great loss when they found it was a fraud and they could not track them.

In conclusion, although shopping online has made one’s life easy and helped vendors eliminate global boundaries, it has got equal cons that cannot be overlooked in this digital era.

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