Band 7 diagram describes the recycling process of aluminium cans

The diagram shows the way in which aluminium cans are processed.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant

Band 7 Diagram sample Answer

 aluminium cans are processed

The diagram presents the recycling process of aluminum. Overall, there are seven stages, starting from throwing used cans and culminating in the reuse of them infamous brands, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

As can be seen clearly, first, people should throw the cans that have been already used, in specific bins, for aluminum only. Secondly, cans are collected and cleaned. After that, drink containers are sorted out, shred and then compressed. In the subsequent stage, the compressed cans are heated at high temperatures in order to melt the aluminum.

Once they have been melted, the aluminium that is derived from the heating process is rolled out to a thickness of between 2.5 mm and 6 mm. afterwards, aluminium is ready for new use in form of recycled cans. The final step is the distribution of recycled products in various brands. According to the picture, in the United Kingdom, 74% of drink containers are recycled.

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