Describe a mistake you have made | Band 8 Cue Card

Band 8 Cue Card

Describe a mistake you have made.

  • What mistake it was
  • When did you make it
  • How you felt
  • What did you learn?

Well, a human being is a “mannequin of mistakes” who willingly or unwillingly commits errors. I had also made numerous errors in my life, for which I had to repent later. Here, I would like to talk about a blunder that I did when I was in higher secondary. Actually, I wasn’t able to prepare for my pre-board exams due to my cousin’s marriage.

Hence, I did not do well in exams. So, when the result came out, I felt ashamed because I failed in the science subject and didn’t want to tell anyone about my result. So I did a trick in which I changed my marks from 32 to 82 to remain in good books of my parents.

From inside I knew that I was deceiving them but my parents had a lot of faith in me as I was a bright child. To hide this thing, I had to tell so many lies. During those days, I was very restless and couldn’t even sleep. When my teacher called my parents, I didn’t even tell them.

A few days later, I realized that it was a big mistake to hide the truth from my parents and changing the marks on the report card.  It was killing me from inside. Hence, I gathered all my courage and apologized to my parents by telling them the truth.

Initially, they were very disturbed and annoyed from me, but later they forgave me after taking the promise that I will prepare well for my board exams. Finally, I took a SIGH OF RELIEF and learned that for hiding one mistake we have to speak a TISSUE OF LIES.


Repent: Regret

Deceive: Trick People

Sign of Relief: Relieved

Tissue of Lies: Chain Of Lies