Describe an experience you had as a member of a team | Band 7 Cue Card

Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

  • What was it
  • Who were the members of the team
  • What role did you play in this team
  • Explain how you achieved your goal

I have participated in various competitions in my life from school to society as a team member and all of them had a significant impact on my life. So here I’m going to talk about a competition where I had a fascinating experience as a team member.

Basically, in our society every year a competition is held in which numerous families take part. It was 2 years back when I took part with my elder sibling and my father in that quiz competition. The goal was to win that competition. My father chose me as a team speaker due to my good presentation skills.

We prepared by reading journals, magazines, newspapers just to get a good grasp on trending and current events. The competition started in the first week of May. There was a total of 10 teams and 3 rounds. We qualified the first round and were one of the 5 teams in the second round. The competition was high in the air.

The last round was a presentation round which I had to deliver. Initially, I was nervous but with the encouragement of my family, I gave the presentation. I was the only candidate whose presentation received a standing ovation.

Finally, the results were announced and we won the competition. This competition had a profound impact on me as I became more confident in public speaking.


Numerous – a lot

Grasp – hold,seize

Profound – deep