Describe a person/friend who is a good leader

Describe a person/friend who is a good leader

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • What he does
  • How this person behaves
  • Why do you think he is a good leader

Life is full of experiences and I have met numerous people in my life span who possess significant leadership qualities, but here I feel glad to talk about Gurbachan Singh who is my father and a great leader. He is a businessman and a motivational speaker in my society.

Because of his good influential virtue, my near and dear ones always seek his advice. He stands up for helping others without thinking twice and tries to encourage them for their good deeds. Because of his caring, helping and loving nature, people in my society admire him a lot.  Apart from this, his sense of understanding a problem deeply and giving its proper solution makes him different from others.

Due to these stupendous virtues, he is a speaker and coordinator of a Sunday club which is held in my society for the last 5 years in which folks discuss their problems with him. He is himself a disciplined person and whenever I feel down, I share my problem confidently with him.

In return, he always gives me a logical solution. In fact, everyone admires him as a great orator because whenever he starts speaking, everyone is bound with his speech and that’s why I think he is a good leader.


Stupendous: Extremely Happy

Orator: Speaker