# 7 Band Sample Describe a journey that was delayed

Describe a journey that was delayed

  • Why was it important
  • What caused the delay
  • What happened at the end
  • Describe what caused the delay
Describe a journey that was delayed , Band 7 Cue Card.

It seldom happens that my journey gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but two months back, I was preparing for my medical exam that was going to be held in another city which was 500 km away from my hometown. Because it was an important paper as this paper would be deciding my college admission,

I prepared for it diligently and booked my bus tickets in advance. It was an overnight journey. On the day of my travel, when I woke up in the morning, the government of India had imposed article 144 on my state due to a political decision.

Due to this, all the public transport facilities came to a standstill. I was devastated on hearing this. I went into a panic state and started crying. After calming myself, I started looking for ways to reach my destination before my exam time.

Then I found out that one of my relatives was going to the same city but he was leaving early the next morning. I hitched a ride with him and reached my exam venue just minutes before my exam. This was the most anxiety-filled journey that I have undertaken in my life.


  • Unforeseen – unexpected
  • Diligently – actively/busy
  • Standstill – a state in which all activity or motion stopped
  • Devastated – sad/angry
  • Panic state – extreme fear
  • Hitched – to attach, fasten or connect
  • Venue – place
  • Anxiety – nervousness