Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

  • When this happened
  • Where you were
  • What kind of weather it was
  • Explain why you couldn’t finish the thing
  • What you did at the end

Band 7 Cue Card, the weather changed your plan

Some 2 years back, I along with my mother and brother planned to surprise my dad in his workplace which was around 100 km away from my home and in a hilly area. So we started our journey in our car at 9 am in the morning and we estimated to reach there by lunch.

It was the month of December but the sky was clear that day. After covering 60 km, it suddenly started snowing. It snowed so hard that all the traffic halted. And we got stuck just 30 km away from my dad’s place. Due to snowing, our cars started slipping. This was a scary moment for all three of us as we didn’t have any snow tire chains to stop the slippage.

So we finally pulled our car to the side of the road near a roadside restaurant and waited for the snow to get cleared. What we thought a few hours of work took approximately 2 days. And we ended up spending those 2 days in the car. It was a unique and exhilarating experience as all the people stuck in that traffic jam helped each other for food and other necessities. Even the locals came to help us offering us blankets and food.

On the second day, the weather cleared a bit, and traffic started moving forward. We were relieved and within an hour we reached our dad’s place. This is one of those few experiences which always brings a smile to my face whenever I remember it. That incident really bought us close as a family and I got to know the power of people.


  • Unforeseen – unexpected
  • Diligently – actively/busy
  • Standstill – a state in which all activity or motion stopped
  • Devastated – sad/angry
  • Panic state – extreme fear
  • Hitched – to attach,fasten or connect
  • Venue – place
  • Anxiety – nervousness