Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

  • Who shared the message with you
  • What the news was about
  • How was it written
  • And explain why the news was important

Band 7.5 Sample Answer

Text messages are rather considered redundant nowadays as a lot of online messaging apps with better features have taken over but still, whenever there is an important piece of news, it is always sent through text messages.

One such news which I received via text message was two months back. I had submitted my CV for an internship at Amazon and Flipkart as a part of our engineering curriculum. I wasn’t expecting any kind of reply from them because these companies were the cream of the e-commerce industry and getting into them even for an internship was quite difficult.

So my days went on and I remember exactly after 2 weeks, I received a text message from Flipkart. Firstly I ignored it thinking it must be about the delivery of my mom’s kitchen items which she used to order frequently from there. But when I asked my mom about it, she said she hadn’t ordered anything from the site since 2 months.

Then I opened my messages and read the text. It was a 2 liner message stating that I have been selected for an internship in Flipkart and I should check my mail id for further process. I was on cloud nine. This was an unexpected shock to me because doing an internship from such an esteemed company was a dream come true and it could add a lot of weight to my CV and my career. So this was important news I received via text message.