IELTS Task 1, You are currently living in a rented that but will be moving out soon.

You are currently living in a rented that but will be moving out soon. Write a letter to the owner of the flat to thank him and introduce one of your friends to move in. In your letter you should:

  • Thank the owner of the flat for being so nice and helpful
  • Explains why you are leaving
  • Introduce your friend to him

Band 7 Letter, You are currently living

Dear Raven

Hope you are doing great!

I am afraid to appraise that due to the sudden demise of my father, I have to move back to my hometown to look after the family business.

Undoubtedly, we sailed a smooth and healthy relationship over the tenancy period of 2 years and being an owner, you were amiable and cooperative. Your dwelling is serene and surrounded by lots of trees which makes it perfect for an adolescent. I really admire your endeavors to make my stay comfortable and I thank you for the same. It is so dreadful to leave this place, but my family is in an excruciating situation after the death of my father, so now it’s on my shoulders to take care of their livelihood.

Furthermore, I would like to introduce one of my mates Alex, whom I know since my childhood, and he is also looking for accommodation in the city. He has a gregarious nature and he would love to stay in this place. Please let me know if you are interested in keeping him as a tenant. In my opinion, he could be a good fit for your property.

Looking forward for your positive and prompt response.

Thanking You

Yours truly,