Some cities create housing areas by providing taller buildings.

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Some cities create housing areas by providing taller buildings. Others create housing by building houses on a wider area of land. What solution is better?

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In the present millennium, the majority of the urban areas are expanding their construction vertically while other cities prefer to build housings horizontally for their residents. I wholeheartedly believe that high-rises have numerous benefits as compared to the low-rises in cost-effectiveness and homeownership in a densely populated area.

To begin with, the construction of taller buildings is ideal in terms of social concern for dwellers due to the constantly increasing population. As myriad people are flocking to megalopolis due to various reasons such as employment, entertainment, and educational opportunities, this has led to a strain on the land resources and housings. As a result, vertical planning has become the only choice in these municipal areas. For example, New York and Shanghai are metropolitan cities where establishing individual residence is literally impossible due to the increased inhabitants resulting in congestions and traffic conditions. As a result, they only establish multi-story mansions to overcome this trauma. 

Additionally, buying an apartment in a skyscraper would lessen the burden financially in contrast to spending on a detached house. Purchasing a separate land space, which is already in high demand due to the overcrowding of citizens, and then constructing a home individually will cost a great deal. On the other hand, paying for a plot in the residential tower is affordable to a greater extent compared to the other counterparts. For instance, in Srilanka, the price of a 1000 square feet house with land is three times the price of an apartment in the high-rise.

In conclusion, I contemplate for a town with an ever-growing population, it is undeniable to accept the fact that construction of building vertically is the best choice because not only it can allocate a multitude of homes for many, but also it reduces the cost of buying compared to the traditional single house.

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