Band- 7.5 Essay| Childhood obesity is becoming a problem throughout the developed world.

Band- 7.5 Essay

Childhood obesity is becoming a problem throughout the developed world. Because of this, some people think that adverts for fast food, sweets, and sugary snacks should not be allowed in schools and colleges.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this? Give reasons for an answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience.

Obesity is spreading like a fire especially in the young population and has become a universal problem. Some people want to ban all commercials and hoardings in school and college which may influence the students to consume unhealthy foods and drinks. I believe that it would be an appropriate preventive measure to control this issue.

Adverts are the real cause of obesity as it can easily persuade an adolescent towards junk foods and sugary drinks which can make them obese. Students of schools or colleges are sitting ducks for fast food and drink companies to maximize their profit and providing various other diseases like high blood pressure and cardiac issues. As per a recent survey in India, Pizza hut and Coca-Cola have recorded huge turnover during the last 5 years due to their focused campaign and collaboration with enormous canteens and cafés of various universities and making a tutee ill and unhealthily.

Furthermore, publicity of junk foods and drinks such as pizza, burgers, cold drinks, etc. with the help of film stars or eminent sports personnel are playing the role of gasoline in the fire as pupils really want to emulate their role models and favorite celebs in any manner whatsoever. Banner of Thump-ups, a sugary and harmful Indian drink promoted by eminent actor Akshay Kumar, is an epitome in this context, as anyone can observe the poster of this drink inside almost all cafes or restaurant nearby any school or college.

In conclusion, all such promotional activities should be banned completely in the vicinity of any educational institute which will surely help a student to live a healthy life.