Band 7 Cue Card| Describe a time when you were cheated/ someone did not tell you the complete truth.

Band 7 Cue Card

Describe a time when you were cheated/ when someone lied to you/ someone did not tell you the complete truth.

  • What the situation was
  • When this happened Who was the person?
  • What did he hide about?
  • Why do you think the person didn’t tell the whole truth?

In my life, there have been many events when someone lied to me or cheated me and here I’m going to explain the latest incident that happened to me. Two months ago, when I was thinking about installing Jio fiber in my home, I filled an online form on their portal. On the very next day, their sales representative came to my home for verification and luckily he was a friend of my younger brother.

I felt jubilant because I thought it would be easy for us to get a new connection. He did all the verifications and I PAID FOR THE connection online. Afterward, he assured us that we will get our new connection within 2 days which was awesome news for us. Consequently, the next day, the engineer’s team came to our house for the installment but because of the non-availability of fiber slots, our connection was deferred.

In that case, they had to install a new box over the next pole but it would have taken at least two weeks. I was furious with the sales representative as he knew this thing but he hid this information from us. Then I called his manager and told him the whole scenario.

Within 20 minutes, the salesperson called me and he started apologizing to me. He narrated the whole story of why he did this. Basically, he had to accomplish his monthly sales target which was 1 customer short and sadly, that day was the month’s last day. After hearing his story, I forgave him and in return, he promised me that he will contact the concerned person and we will get our connection within a week. At last, in a week we got our service. So that was the last time when I got cheated.


  • Jubilant – feeling or expressing great happiness
  • Defer: Postpone
  • Furious: Extremely Angry