Describe a risk you had taken which had a positive result | 2020

8 Band Sample Answers

Describe a risk you had taken which had a positive result

  • what it was
  • why you took it
  • what the result was
  • how you felt about it

Well, risks are part and parcel of life. A human being is a gambler, who willingly or unwillingly takes risks in life. Here in this cue card, I would like to talk about a big risk that I took during the lockdown. It happened a month ago when our PM had announced a complete lockdown in the whole country. Since I wasn’t going to my workplace, I was quite bored at home and wanted to start something so that I could pass my time easily.

One day while I was searching on the internet, I stumbled upon a post of a person making a huge amount of money by working online. I was dumbfounded by looking at the figures of money he was making. I found out that he was working as a freelance digital marketer and catering to high-end clients in this market.

I was quite impressed by this field of work and I started researching for any online platforms or courses that could teach me this. After extensive research, I found a perfect site that was charging 50k for this course. This was a huge amount for me as I didn’t know if I would benefit from this training or not. But I took the risk and started the course.

After about three months into the course, I was able to get my first client who paid for my services as a digital marketer. I was on cloud 9 that day as my risk bore fruit. Now I am working as a successful freelancer due to the risk I took and I’m glad I took that risk.


  • DUMBFOUNDED:- Shocked/Astonished
  • CATERING:- Providing Services
  • HIGH-END:- Expensive
  • CLOUD-9:- Very Happy
  • BEAR FRUIT:- Get Positive Results