we are living in a throw-away society. What are its causes and what are its problems?

Band 7 Sample Answer, Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society.

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Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society. What are its causes and what are its problems?

What could be done to address this issue?

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In recent years, it is commonly observed that people shop frequently. As a result, they tend to possess things for a short period of time before getting rid of it. The primary reason for this is the development of cutting-edge technology while depletion of the available natural resources is the biggest issue faced at present.

The foremost cause of the throwaway culture is the advancement in technology. When an individual comes across the latest styled product or an upgraded version in the market, they cannot resist purchasing it. As a result, the old product which serves the same purpose as the new one is disposed of. The new launch of phones every year such as the iPhone with upgraded features is the biggest example. Additionally, buying new stuff has become easier than getting things repaired. In some countries like the USA, the repair is costlier than buying a new product which is an indirect effect of technological advancement that allows mass production of things.

However, the development of a consumerist society is a threat to the environment. To be precise, excessive production of goods will consume an ample amount of available resources in the surroundings and hence, dwindle the raw materials to a great extent. For example, electronic-waste is quite harmful to the world as it is non-biodegradable and some of it cannot be recycled like headphones. As a result of this, not only the natural abundance is curtailing but also the natural habitat of the wildlife is lost. 

In conclusion, technological evolution has allowed the consumers to get accustomed to the throwaway habit which in turn has a negative impact on our society to a level that the natural deposit present would decline to nil over time. 

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