Describe a goal that you achieved that was set by yourself.

Describe a goal that you achieved that was set by yourself

  • What was it
  • When did you set it
  • How did you achieve it
  • Explain how it influenced your life

A goal that you achieved, Band 7 Sample Answer

I am not that strong-willed to set a goal and see it through the end. But 2 years back I set a goal to gift a laptop to my brother on his 18th birthday. We had one laptop at home which I and my brother used to share. The goal was an old machine that had a slow processor and not enough ram to support his games. It used to take 10 minutes just to power up and every action done on it took a lot of time.

It was frustrating for both of us to work on it. So he continuously bugged my parents to buy him a new laptop. It was around 5 months before his birthday that I started saving money for the laptop. Since the laptop he liked was expensive that was around 35 thousand rupees. I started teaching kids at home to earn extra income.

At end of 4 months, I was still 5 thousand rupees short, so I made a deal with my mother to do all the household chores for which she would pay me. In the end, I collected the required amount and bought the laptop and gifted it to my brother as a gift.

This decision of buying a laptop from my own money had a profound impact on my character. I got more strong-willed and confident in doing things until the end. It also made me realize that nothing is impossible, it’s just a state of mind.

Vocabulary (Describe a goal that)

  • Bugged – Annoy, Bother, Pester
  • Strong-Willed – determined to do something
  • Power Up – to switch on