Describe a successful small business that you know

Describe a successful small business that you know

  • What the business is
  • Where it is
  • Who runs the business/how do you know about this business
  • And explain why you think it is successful

Band 7 Cue Card, 2020

Nowadays, the number of businesses is skyrocketing. With the new relaxed rules and regulations by the government of India, it has become easy for small ventures to set their businesses. Here I would like to talk about small business “The Mannat Product”.

It’s a company that deals in dry fruit products especially walnut products. Since Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its dry fruits, therefore companies like the above set up their manufacturing units here to ship out dry fruit products to the rest of the country.

The easy availability of dry fruits and reduced prices along with huge demand from other parts of the nation keep these companies in profit. The company’s owner is my friend and his name is Sahil Mahajan. He started this venture in 2016 with the help of his father. This company is located in the industrial area of Jammu city.

Last month, I went to his company and I was glad to know that he has enlarged his distribution to neighboring countries as well. The success of his company can be measured by the fact the today his business is generating double the revenue of what it was generating during his father’s time.

Also on a personal level, Sahil has put his blood, sweat, and tears to make this company a success. He is a passionate entrepreneur who is still humble and treats everyone equally. Due to his outstanding virtues and commendable success in business, he has been nominated for various awards over the years. He is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs of my state.