Some people think the spending in celebration is a waste of money.

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Some people think the spending in celebration is a waste of money. some think it is okay to spend on it.

Discuss both views and giv your opinions.

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In recent times, many contemplate that money spent on fancy celebrations is merely a waste, while others believe it is crucial. In this essay, both viewpoints will be looked at in-depth prior to an informed conclusion. However, I opine that this unmindful practice should be rather avoided.

On the one hand, some occasions happen only a few times in one’s life. A myriad of people prefers to celebrate it grandly with their families and relatives. This includes taking lots of photographs, dining together, dancing and other entertainments. Even though it is impossible to hold a party without spending an ample amount, it is undeniable that these memories could be cherished in the future. For example, a wedding is an occasion that happens once in a lifetime that is worth prioritizing over the money spent.

On the other hand, some oppose expending cash on such grand functions as this money could be put to use elsewhere, such as for their child’s tertiary education or in case of an emergency. For instance, my friend Sierra recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in a renowned five-star hotel. However, when her child was first diagnosed with leukemia after the birthday party, she was unable to pay the expenses for the treatment due to insufficient monetary resources. Such trauma could lead anyone to borrow cash from others or to approach the bank for loan facilities. This evidence clearly presents that allocating a huge amount to parties should be cut down and save up for future needs.  

In conclusion, although many individuals regard celebrations as an imperative part of their life as it happens once or twice in their lifetime, I ponder such practice of lavishing money should be curtailed in order to reduce the financial strain in case of urgency.